Inert Materials for Blasting Equipment

IBIX®ART is an air-abrasion specific blasting material selected by IBIX to be used with IBIX® eco-blasters and Micro-air-abrasion IBIX® and HELIX® equipment.

Natural, 100% eco-friendly mineral, for a wide range of applications in sandblasting, micro-blasting, dry and humid air-abrasion thanks to the many granulometry curves available.

Tiny crystal composition, high relative density, the lowest blasting pressure- all this to minimise blasting material consumption, reduced by 50-75% in comparison with traditional abrasives used in blasting.

High productivity:
As small amounts of aggregate are used (2 - 5 kg/m²) and productivity is high (10 m²/h), using IBIX®ART helps to significantly reduce blasting and cleaning costs.
In fact, IBIX®ART, the inert material for air-abrasion, features a high cutting speed due to the high number of aggregate grains per volume hitting the surface (144/units of volume against 85 for slug).
Depending on the operating conditions, this means higher blasting speed (m2/h) up to 50-100%, plus a very low abrasive consumption (-66%). So, productivity is enhanced when compared with traditional slug-based abrasives or made from stones and glass.
* These are indicative values only. They should be regarded as average values only.

IBIX®ART is a chemically neutral, non-metal inert material. Free of toxic chemicals, IBIX®ART does not emit free silica and it is not carcinogenic. It is 100% eco-friendly and in full compliance with safety at work regulations and environmental standards. Does not contain ferrite, impurities or pollutants; it is not radioactive and is free of salts. All these characteristics combined with low consumption result in a significant reduction of disposal costs.

IBIX®ART inert material for air-abrasion is not toxic and therefore, it is well below the allowed maximum values set forth by the environmental protection standards on silicogenic (crystalline silicon), toxic and carcinogenic components. A safe and clean work environment is so assured; noise is markedly reduced thanks to a low-pressure blasting method.

Truly hard. No dust produced:
IBIX®ART inert material for air-abrasion features high hardness (7.5 – 8 Mohs) and toughness, very low friability and high relative density (4.1). All these characteristics plus a sub-angular morphology facilitate a dust-free dry blasting process. Top quality blasting- by adjusting the grain size used and the operating pressure you can perfectly control the work to obtain a perfectly uniform surface roughness. The SA3·blasting standard is easily met.
IBIX®ART's high relative density helps transfer a lot of kinetic energy when the blasting material hits a surface, which translates into a marked increase in efficacy and in blasting and cleaning performance.
Due to the high toughness and low friability showed by IBIX®ART, it can be reused several times, thus cutting down blasting and cleaning costs in connection with consumables.

IBIX®ART inert material for air-abrasion does not absorb moisture, and so storing and using the product are truly easy tasks.

IBIX®ART is the inert material specific for dry and humid air-abrasion selected to obtain the best performance of the IBIX® System.


IBIX®ART is the inert material specific for air abrasion; it features the main basic characteristics to guarantee efficient, economic and eco-friendly blasting and cleaning.

Therefore, IBIX®ART is the blasting material recommended to be used with IBIX 9, IBIX 25, IBIX 40 eco-blasters, IBIX H2O Micro-air-abrasion equipment and with HELIX® helical vortex gun.

Chemical & Physical Characteristics:

- Appearance: Mineral
- Shape: Sub-angular
- Relative density: 4.1
- Colour: From pink to dark red
- Hardness: 7.5 - 8 Mohs

Grain sizes available:



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