dehumidifier P104

1- The compressed air passes through the dehumidifier P104. The particular configuration of the unit allows to eliminate almost the totality of the water present in the air-stream.

2- The drain valve allows, through the precise adjustment of its opening, the continuous removal of the water through a minimum consumption of compressed air.

dehumidifier for blasting

the air flow, already discharged of most part of the moisture, It is further dried through a sintered bronze filter. In output from the dehumidifier, the filtered air is free of moisture in order to allow the perfect operation of the blaster.

use mode

The dehumidifier P104 must be connected to the compressed air hose connecting the compressor to the blaster. For best performance, it is recommended to install the unit as close as possible to the blaster and as far as possible from the compressor.

technical features

weight: 13 kg

fitting: 1/2 P

drying capacity: 700 l/min


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