Green Conservation of Cultural Heritage has been the first international forum for cross-disciplinary research on green and cultural heritage.

As in all the operating fields, even in the field of restoration, it is time to question the environmental sustainability of the used systems. Toxicity of solvents, chemical mixtures and biocidal products can be harmful to restorers operating on-site and in indoor environments, often without adequate ventilation. Moreover, the disposal of chemical waste could represent a threat to the natural environment, the operators and even people unrelated to the ongoing procedures.

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Therefore, biotechnology applications, nano-based and innovative materials are alternative solutions for a more sustainable conservation practice, this vision will be increasingly important in the recovery and preservation of historical assets. for this reason the aim of the conference was to promote a mindful consideration of ecological, economic and social aspects of conservation practice. IBIX, always attentive to the issues related to the environment respect and to the operators safety, could not miss the meeting.

The conference was a great opportunity to present the innovative scientific method promoted by IBIX in the field of conservation. The method is based on "in situ" diagnostics, carried out with the IBIX Mobile Lab.

The analysis carried out directly on the construction site allow analytical steps to the determinate the subsequent cleaning and treatment phases and to select the most suitable materials for protecting and restoring surfaces, according to a philosophy that considers Ecology like one of the basic principles of the IBIX system. The used materials are, in fact, non-toxic and non polluting, oriented to the philosophy promoted by the Forum towards the future and the innovation of technologies dedicated to restoration.


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